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Sunday, January 15th, 2012

I’m offering a new kind of session this year.
Allow me the pleasure of introducing Playdates!

Here to demonstrate just how much fun a playdate can be, I have my niece and nephew:

Let’s start with something fun- cause you know I love silly!!


(That face on the right, that’s his Tigger face, and it always makes me laugh!)


This one is quite the charmer. Keeping a serious face while she’s trying to make you laugh is impossible!

And she hates to be outdone in the silly department-


She likes to sit on him, and he is SUCH a good brother. He lets her. She says, “MY SIT AARON!”

I dare you to show me a sweeter boy.


Meet his best friend “trash truck.”



This little girl LOVES to tell stories.


And giggle and run away from me…


She’s so silly.


So there you have it: one sweet boy, and his darling little sister.


This brief session was well inside the time frame of a normal Playdate, and I shot it on a whim during one of our warm weather days this January.

Head on over to the Session page on my website to learn more about the new session offerings, and if you’re interested, e-mail me at to get the snowball rolling.

Oh, and before I forget! If you book a session- any kind of session- during the rest of the month of January, I’m sweetening the pot with a mini accordion. (And I wish I was talking about a tiny accordion! :D) These babies are JUST so adorable, and they will make all the other moms jealous!

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