31 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day

I decided last minute to link up with The Nester for her 31 days series. This means, I’m blogging every day this month. (yikes! and yippee!)

You see, I go to a lot of weddings. I photograph some of my own, and I shoot quite a few with other photographers. As a photographer, I get a front row seat to the emotions of the day. It’s so much easier to take great photos when people are comfortable and having the best day ever.  I know that sounds selfish, but on behalf of all the wedding photographers out there, let me just say that we want this for you. We want you to enjoy your wedding day.  These tips are not about how to get better photos. These tips are for your benefit and most are not about photography. Although, I will have some photography ones mixed in. I just couldn’t help myself!

This first one is the foundation that all the rest of my tips build upon- Aim for memorable, not perfect.

There is a very very very good chance that your wedding day will not be “perfect.” Things will not go according to plan. Even those things that you really really really wanted to have happen.

The dress could be wrong.

The party bus could show up without air conditioning on a 97 degree day.

There could be a death in the family.

The cake could melt.

It might rain. It could rain a lot.

These and many more legitimate so-called disasters could happen despite all of your careful planning. But wouldn’t that be memorable? All that matters is that the two of you get married! I think you have to apply for and sign your marriage license, and someone “official” has to marry you. That’s all that’s about all that is required in the state of Indiana. (Please don’t take my word for it.)

A memorable wedding day is one full of stories that you want to tell over and over again. I’m not suggesting you give up on planning the wedding of your dreams, but when things go wrong, don’t let your mind dwell on it. Make a fantastic plan B. Decide to take your wedding photos in Home Depot because it’s going to rain. Or decide to bring a slip ‘n slide to your outdoor wedding reception when the forecast is 107degrees. Seriously. Please! Will someone do this?

Aiming for memorable means that you can have your plans and enjoy your day, too. No matter what happens, it can still be the Best. Day. Ever.

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28 Responses to “31 Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day”

  1. Abby says:

    I wandered over via your link on The Nester’s post and this looks like a fun series! I am not married or engaged (and dont’ plan to be anytime in October), but I do find myself attending quite a few weddings and showers!

  2. hsmominmo says:

    My daughter is getting married in February, and so your 31 Days theme is just what I need. I’ll be checking in often this month to pick up your tips and tricks.

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  5. Katelyn Milius says:

    I’m glad you’re publishing these! You gave us such great advice before and during our wedding!!! We couldn’t have done it without you!

    Also, these are great pics of the Deppert/Missi extravaganza. Can’t wait to see more!

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