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Blue Bowl Series: Steak Salad

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

One of my goals for this year has been to make blogging fun for me again. I’m bored with just posting pictures, and I’m looking for a way to include more of me around here. I have been encouraged by other bloggers (including my good friend Tori, and her Wardrobe Wednesdays) to have a continuous series about something that I care about and enjoy. So today is the inagural post in my Blue Bowl series combining two things I absolutely love: this bowl and food. Generally speaking what’s in the bowl will be simple, tasty, and fresh. Occasionally I’ll include recipes, but I have no intention of making this a food blog. I want to inspire and encourage myself to fill my bowl with healthy yet delicious food, and if you all are inspired, too? Then, yay!

Getting us started is a tasty steak & spinach salad that is responsible for this series. I’ve always loved the way food looks in this bowl, but when I made this for lunch a few weeks ago, it was so pretty that I HAD to take photos of it.


I love the design of this salad as well as the taste. Simple. Complete. Bright colors.

What’s in the bowl:
leftover steak
homemade lemonĀ vinaigrette

Eat pretty, friends.

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