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Seniors: A Showcase.

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

If you’ve looked around my website, you know that photographing children is where it is at for me. I love, love, love it. BUT, I really do enjoying photographing most everything else, too. Take these senior girls, for example. They are all SO unique and beautiful! I love the challenge of trying to show their personalities in the resulting portraits. Take a look:

Alex is my most recent senior. I did her consultation over the phone which means I wrote her self-description on whatever was handy, so I’m pulling this information from memory. :) She described herself as moderately edgy with an interest in fashion and art. Some good-old-fashioned facebook stalking has also told me that she loves all things vintage, and she’s been accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design, one of the premier art institutions in the country. Way to go, Alex!

We had so much fun on her shoot that we shot for 4 hours. Whoops. The morning of her shoot was COLD. I was prepared to tell her to suck it up. That she’d be happy she bore the cold weather. (I know; I’m so mean.) But she never once complained! (Don’t worry! All her limbs are intact, and she was rewarded with Starbucks mid-shoot!)alex


Lindsey is a care-free, drive with the windows down kind of girl. She lives vibrantly: so full of laughter and friendliness! (And she shares my birthday!) Now she is a freshman at IUPUI and spends most of her time at the pool swimming crazy fast. :)


Hannah is my baby sister (whom I dearly love!) and is a freshman at Indiana State studying criminology, martial arts, and pole vaulting for the track team. She is kind, sensitive, strong, creative, and funny. I love her because she writes silly rhyming poems with me and for others, washes my Uggs, and doesn’t do anything halfway.


Brittany is now a freshman in college studying graphic design. She described herself as being studious, artistic, caring, driven and obstinate. I would also say she is a lot of fun and doesn’t take herself too seriously. I had so much fun with her and her mom during her shoot!


Chanel is also a freshman at Indiana State this year studying social work. She described herself as a big kid: fun, random, passionate and caring. Her heart is big, too; she wants to save the world. Good luck with that, Chanel. I’ll be rooting for you!


It’s all in the details: Did you notice Alex’s simple cream dress really showed off her gorgeous gold earrings? Lindsey’s colorful scarf and sunglasses? Or how Hannah’s simple purple shirt (which is a great color on her) looked so classy with her pearl necklace? How Brittany painted not only her smock, but herself and the ground as well? Or how Chanel was not afraid to laugh and be silly during her shoot? The details make the difference!

How do you know if you might be a good fit with JMcKPhotography for senior photos? If you answer yes, to any of the following questions, we should talk:

Are you a girl who is not quite ready to grow up?
Are you looking for senior pictures that don’t look the same as everyone else’s?
Did you say to yourself or someone else as you were looking at these pictures, “I want my senior pictures to look like that!”?
Do you like Charles Dickens?
Is your favorite color green?
Are you eagerly anticipating the days when you no longer have homework?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe you should give me a call, e-mail me, or send me a facebook message so we can talk about your senior pictures. I’m looking forward to it. :)

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