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Little Girls

Sunday, August 4th, 2013


Indianapolis Portriat Photographer janetmcknight_221 janetmcknight_220 janetmcknight_219 janetmcknight_218 janetmcknight_217 janetmcknight_216 janetmcknight_215 janetmcknight_214 janetmcknight_213 janetmcknight_212 janetmcknight_211 janetmcknight_210 janetmcknight_209 janetmcknight_208 janetmcknight_207 janetmcknight_206 janetmcknight_205 janetmcknight_204 janetmcknight_203 janetmcknight_202 janetmcknight_201 janetmcknight_200 janetmcknight_199 janetmcknight_198

Baby vogue, right? haha.janetmcknight_197

Just kidding. That probably shouldn’t exist.janetmcknight_196 janetmcknight_195 janetmcknight_194 janetmcknight_193 janetmcknight_192 janetmcknight_191 janetmcknight_190

I’m so grateful to my friend Robin for bringing her girls to me to photograph regularly. It’s been so great to watch them grow, and I always look forward to our times together!

Flashback: April 2010

janetmcknight_224 janetmcknight_223

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