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Amanda & Andy: a backyard victorian herb garden wedding

Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Some of my favorite brides are moms. I think it has something to do with perspective. They’re just not into stressing out over details because ain’t nobody got time for that. Amanda & Andy had a beautiful wedding. In fact, their details were fantastic. They hired a super awesome wedding planner: the bride’s mom. She does great work, and has an awesome team of friends and family who all pitched in to make the day a fun family affair.



janetmcknight_227 janetmcknight_228

Some of my favorite details: homemade herb-infused olive oil favors & family wedding photos sprinkled among the tables.

janetmcknight_230 janetmcknight_231 janetmcknight_232 janetmcknight_233 janetmcknight_234 janetmcknight_235

janetmcknight_236 janetmcknight_237 janetmcknight_238 janetmcknight_239 janetmcknight_240 janetmcknight_241 janetmcknight_242 janetmcknight_243 janetmcknight_244 janetmcknight_245 janetmcknight_246janetmcknight_318

janetmcknight_249 janetmcknight_250 janetmcknight_251 janetmcknight_252 janetmcknight_254

janetmcknight_319janetmcknight_256 janetmcknight_257 janetmcknight_258 janetmcknight_259 janetmcknight_260 janetmcknight_261 janetmcknight_262 janetmcknight_263 janetmcknight_264 janetmcknight_265 janetmcknight_266

janetmcknight_267 janetmcknight_268 janetmcknight_269

The photo on the left cracks me up. I just love it. :) (by my 2nd, Rachel)

janetmcknight_270 janetmcknight_271 janetmcknight_272 janetmcknight_273 janetmcknight_274 janetmcknight_275

You’re having a beautiful moment with your bride, and then… a bug lands on your nose. #classic

janetmcknight_276 janetmcknight_277 janetmcknight_278

Their baby girl’s toddler priorities were obvious. Run when you want her to stay. Drag her feet when you need her to walk. She has it down!

janetmcknight_279 janetmcknight_280

We tried for a family photo after the ceremony, and it just wasn’t happening. I love it for it’s honesty.


These next two (and a few others in this post) were by my 2nd photographer and friend, Rachel. I loved that they used oil lamps as a unity candle, and the family smiles in the background make the photo a favorite.

janetmcknight_284janetmcknight_285janetmcknight_282 janetmcknight_283 janetmcknight_286 janetmcknight_287 janetmcknight_288

Knowing their toddler would love it, not to mention cousins and friends’ kids who were invited, they had a bunch of baby bounce houses nearby to keep the kiddos happy. Brilliant.

janetmcknight_289 janetmcknight_290 janetmcknight_291 janetmcknight_292 janetmcknight_293 janetmcknight_294

So when mom and dad get into a bit of a cake fight, it’s only natural for the little one to try it out herself!

janetmcknight_295 janetmcknight_296 janetmcknight_297 janetmcknight_298 janetmcknight_299

Anniversary dances are slowly becoming a wedding favorite. It’s a great time to celebrate long-lasting marriages. Besides, these couples usually know a thing or two about rocking the dance floor!

janetmcknight_300 janetmcknight_301 janetmcknight_302 janetmcknight_303 janetmcknight_304 janetmcknight_305 janetmcknight_306 janetmcknight_308

I love when I say, “I know you’re having a great time and you might be done with photos, but would you want to come away for a few minutes for a few more portraits?” and the couple literally jumps at the chance. :)

janetmcknight_309 janetmcknight_310 janetmcknight_311 janetmcknight_312 janetmcknight_313

janetmcknight_314 janetmcknight_315

I hope you two are enjoying your happily ever after!

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