Shameless plug for Young Living Essential Oils

Day 14 of my 31 day series: Tips for Enjoying Your Wedding Day
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I am a big fan of Young Living Essential Oils. There’s no use trying to tone down my enthusiasm. I think they’re the BEST EVER.

Young Living Oils are Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils which are different from the ones you buy off the shelf at places like Bath & Body Works. Essential oils come from the lifeblood of plants and are 50-100 times stronger than they occur in nature.

On a wedding day, I regularly use Lavender and Peppermint.

Lavender is very relaxing. I gave some to a bride minutes from walking down the aisle last Saturday, and as I was walking away to take my place to wait for her to walk down the aisle I could hear her telling her bridesmaids that it was already working! (A side benefit for her is that the smell of lavender will always remind her of her wedding ceremony.)

Peppermint is a multi-tasker. It’s common for the bridal party and family to be stressed on a wedding day, get a headache, take a pill, then get an upset stomach because they haven’t eaten. Peppermint to the rescue! Both for digestive relief and to soothe headaches. It also increases alertness, opens up sinuses, and is a great emergency deodorant.

But you don’t have to take my word for it; my friend Jodi is participating in this 31 day writing challenge, too, and her series is on Young Living Essential Oils. She offered me this story about her experience as a bride:

I woke up at 5 am on my wedding day.  Due to our ummm . . . excitement, I mean our flight, the future hubby and I decided upon a morning wedding.  I was nauseous.  I ate a relatively good breakfast, before I knew anything about healthy eating, but the food fell into a tight bed of nerves that left me feeling icky.  I put on too much perfume (probably the real source of my sickness) and properly worried about my hair and that everyone would be ready for pictures before the wedding march began.  Looking back, I was quite the pistol.  Had I had the essential oil hook-up back then, I would have married my day with peppermint to soothe the stomach and therapeutic rose oil to promote balance, well-being, and confidence.  I’ll admit it, I was nervous about growing up, being a legitimate adult, and being the focal point of a large portion of the day.   Of course a cheaper oil would have sufficed like Valor for bravery or Gentle Baby to soothe my agitated spirit.  A dab of lavender behind the ears and placing my fears into the hands of a loving God also ranks up there as a good thing to do.  Hind-sight is twenty-twenty.

If you’re interested in purchasing any of these oils for your wedding, you’re going to need a member number. Feel free to use mine: 1305413

Please check out Jodi’s posts on essential oils! She dives into some great topics, but if you’re new to oils, be sure to check out this one on how to apply oils.

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