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Waiting on a baby.

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

This is life, friends. I’ve got a baby niece I get to play with a few days a week. Affectionately known as Lucy Goosey or baby squish. She is delightful. This past week she laughed and sang along with me as I sang Jesus Loves Me. Her lyrics were questionable, but she giggled her way through. I bought her this Hello onsie for Christmas, so I tossed her on my bed for some impromptu photos when she wore it one day.

Isn’t she a doll? Her cousins love her, too. She’s been good baby practice for them as we wait for the next niece/nephew to be born!

My sister wanted just a few photos of the kids and her belly before the baby was born. She didn’t want a big photo shoot, just a few shots. But the light was fading, and the kids were distracted. Even so, we got some cute shots.

He cracks me up so much.

As you can see, I got lots of fake smiles and the kids weren’t on the same page at any given moment.
That’s life, though.

Except, I thought we could do better.
So I asked if we could try again the next day.

These next photos won’t make anyone’s pinterest page.
Sarah can’t bend down to tie shoes, so they’ve been loving their rain boots lately.

The photography industry would whine about how there’s too much sun flare,
making it hard for the camera to get a sharp focus.
But this is life.

We’re nowhere special-just in their front yard.

Check out the gap in his front teeth.
They just fell out. One the day after the other.

Real expressions.

Real love.

A smidge of childish enthusiasm.

Classic faces.

That’s life.

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